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Wednesday, April 4th 2012, 12:54pm

My surgery was $2,800.00. Paid $2,000 with credit card and the rest with cash.
Best investment ever!!! :D

CIMA, Nov 2011
breast augmentation surgery



Wednesday, April 11th 2012, 7:19am

Price table from a surgeon in CR

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Monday, May 14th 2012, 4:26am

Cost of plastic surgery in Costa Rica

$3k last month. UNIBE clinic DR Urzola

Great outcome, paid cash.

Thanks to this forums, helped a lot. :thanks2:


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Saturday, July 21st 2012, 5:18am

Ths is great! Now armed with an idea of waht my procedure could cost me. I will pre-plan and save so I can pay cash (hopefully for a discount); if it should happen that I do not win the contest. But I am hopeful and will wait and see. A the same time I will hold back a bit each paycheck in order to be prepared and not have to start from scratch in November.

~Vision without action is daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ~Kotowaza (Japanese proverb)

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Saturday, August 4th 2012, 9:50pm

That is all so absolutely amazing!!! My jaw hit the floor! I've been quoted for breast reduction/lift and full abdominoplasty in Michigan by 4 different plastic surgeons, and the prices go from $11,000 to $15,000. Even with the cost of flights, getting my surgery done in CR is still half as much! Wow, where do I start my journey now? Here I was planning for a local trip... :lighted:

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Sunday, August 5th 2012, 6:59am


How, that's unbelievably expensive in Michigan :thumbdown: . Better you do a trip to Costa Rica, make holiday and a BA :D

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Monday, August 6th 2012, 7:49am

Yeah :rolleyes: , for plastic surgery it's Costa Rica JUST GREAT :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

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About me: I am a 21 year old mother of a beautiful 5 month old boy. I have wanted breast augmentation for quite some time now, I am definanitely a bit self conscious about my small breast. I see girls in Junior High school with larger breast than me and it's a bit embarassing. I feel like every time I see a cartoon or a figure that represents a women I always see curves. Curves make a women beautiful aside from her intelligence and personality. I would feel complete, much more confident and sexy if I were to win this contest. Let's hope I can turn my self conciousness into self confidence. <3 Good luck to me & all the ladies.

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Thursday, September 20th 2012, 2:32pm

I'm glad that you started this topic, I have been wondering about pricing for so long. Out in NY where I am it is soooo expensive :thumbdown:

It's like once you enter the offices in NYC and you hear the prices I swear this is what the receptionist are thinking :Mua lol

Costa Rica sounds more like :welcome:

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Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 11:13pm

Hello friends,

Mostly people pay cash or by card. :rules:

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