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Saturday, April 7th 2012, 1:13pm

Plastic surgery in Costa Rica

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica - General information

Plastic surgery is a medical specialty concerned with the correction or restoration of form and function.
Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, most plastic surgery is not cosmetic: plastic surgery includes many types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.

More and more people considering a plastic surgery in Costa Rica.

Generally, plastic surgery in Costa Rica means less expense, but not a lower standard of care.

Costa Rica is a small captivating Central American country with a population of approx. four million people, surrounded west by the Pacific Ocean and east to the Caribbean Sea, and just two and a half hours (flight) from Miami, or three and a half hours from Houston. The six mayor American airlines offer many flights per day. American citizens do not require a visa to travel. Tourism has become the number two income of the nation.
Costa Rica as country is well known for the stunning beauty of its beautiful beaches, the variety of landscapes, the wonderful rain forests, volcanoes, national parks, and the friendliness and kindness of its people.
For that reason one can find beautiful hotels everywhere, to recover comfortably after surgery. And to make it even more attractive, plastic surgery in Costa Rica cost the third or even the fourth part of what they cost in the US, without reducing the quality and outcomes. Why? Because the overhead is lower. A $7,500 breast implant in the U.S. is only approx. $3,000 in Costa Rica.

The medical facilities are superb and the plastic surgeons are excellent, a lot of them studied in the US or Europe. They are board-certified. Costa Rica has become a Mecca for highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons, dental surgeons, and opthalmologists.

All of this makes Costa Rica a good place for plastic surgery and medical tourism. Patients can enjoy the nature days before the surgery or while they recovery from the surgery.

Costa Rica has a healthcare system dedicated to quality & accessibility. Costa Rica has more than 40 government-sponsored hospitals and over 250 clinics throughout the country, with the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) providing low-cost health care services to the majority of the Costa Rican population for the past 70 years. CCSS is also available as an affordable option to foreign residents or visitors for a small monthly fee.

Many of Costa Rica's highly trained physicians, dentists and plastic surgeons work for the CCSS part-time while still maintaining their own private offices and clinics. The cost of private health care in Costa Rica is far below that of the average office visit in the United States - usually around $40.00. Similar savings can be found among Costa Rican dentists. The combination of quality health care and low prices has created a healthy environment for the people of Costa Rica and has birthed an every-growing industry servicing those outside Costa Rica known as medical tourism.

Aesthetic plastic surgery can also be called as Medical aesthetics involves techniques intended for the "enhancement" of appearance through surgical and medical techniques, and is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal.

The number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States has increased over 50 percent since the start of the century. Nearly 12 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2007, with the five most common surgeries being breast augmentation, liposuction, nasal surgery, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty.

Plastic surgery in Costa Rica: approx. 107,000 surgeries in 2009, increasing.

Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica - Details

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures and breaks; congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palates or cleft lips; developmental abnormalities; infection and disease; and cancer or tumors.
(Please see below: The procedures - plastic surgery in Costa Rica)

Reconstructive plastic surgery is usually performed to improve function, but it may be done to approximate a normal appearance.
The most common reconstructive procedures are tumor removal, laceration repair, scar repair, hand surgery, and breast reduction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of reconstructive breast reductions for women increased in 2007 by 2 percent from the year before. Breast reduction in men also increased in 2007 by 7 percent. Some other common reconstructive surgical procedures include breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, cleft lip and palate surgery, contracture surgery for burn survivors, and creating a new outer ear when one is congenitally absent.
Plastic surgery is a broad field, and may be subdivided further.
Plastic surgery training and approval by the American Board of Plastic Surgery includes mastery of the following as well:
  1. Burn surgery
  2. Cosmetic surgery
  3. Craniofacial surgery
  4. Hand surgery
  5. Micro surgery
  6. Pediatric surgery
The most prevalent aesthetic, cosmetic and plastic surgery in Costa Rica - procedures include:
  • Abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"): reshaping and firming of the abdomen
  • Blepharoplasty ("eyelid surgery"): reshaping of the eyelids or the application of permanent eyeliner
  • Phalloplasty ("penile liposuction"): re/construction of a penis or, sometimes, artificial modification of the penis by surgery, often for cosmetic purposes
  • Mammoplasty ("Breast augmentation", "breast implant" or "boob job"): augmentation of the breasts by means of fat grafting, saline, or silicone gel prosthetics
  • Reduction mammoplasty ("breast reduction"): removal of skin and glandular tissue, which is done to reduce back and shoulder pain in women with gigantomastia
  • Mastopexy ("breast lift"): Lifting or reshaping of breasts to make them less saggy, often after weight loss, after a pregnancy, for example.
  • Buttock augmentation ("butt implant"): enhancement of the buttocks using silicone implants or fat grafting ("Brazilian butt lift")
  • Buttock lift: lifting and tightening of the buttocks by excision of redundant skin
  • Chemical peel: minimizing the appearance of acne, chicken pox, and other scars as well as wrinkles, solar lentigines (age spots, freckles), and photodamage in general.
  • Labiaplasty: surgical reduction and reshaping of the labia
  • Lip enhancement: surgical improvement of lips' fullness through enlargement
  • Rhinoplasty ("nose job"): reshaping of the nose
  • Otoplasty ("ear surgery" or "ear pinning"): reshaping of the ear, most often done by pinning the protruding ear closer to the head.
  • Rhytidectomy ("face lift"): removal of wrinkles and signs of aging from the face
  • Browplasty ("brow lift" or "forehead lift"): elevates eyebrows, smooths forehead skin
  • Midface lift ("cheek lift"): tightening of the cheeks
  • Chin augmentation ("chin implant"): augmentation of the chin with an implant, usually silicone, by sliding genioplasty of the jawbone or by suture of the soft tissue
  • Cheek augmentation ("cheek implant"): implants to the cheek
  • Orthognathic surgery: manipulation of the facial bones through controlled fracturing
  • Fillers injections: collagen, fat and other tissue filler injections, such as hyaluronic acid
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Liposuction ("suction lipectomy"): removal of fat deposits by traditional suction technique or ultrasonic energy to aid fat removal


Plastic Surgery WIKI
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After all is said and done, more is said than done.

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